"Women and Men of Purpose & Destiny are women and men that don't allow life's obstacles to keep them from reaching their purpose and destiny in life! We're on a mission to Empower as many women and men as possible to reach their Purpose and to fulfill their Destiny."

"WOPD is a multifaceted Christian Women's Organization that ministers and focuses on topics that matter most to women (pre-teen & adult). It's an organization that addresses the problems that affect and concern women of all ages, addresses them and offers solutions from various cultures, ethnicities, careers and backgrounds. It encourages women who have been broken and battered by the issues of life. WOPD directs them towards healing, wholeness and wellness that is rooted in the love of Christ........WOPD in its totality is the pinnacle of women's ministry. It's God focused, God centered and God endorsed!!!

-Temeka Mack, Evangelist, Teacher & Prophetic Intercessor